About The HungCompany Founder & CEO Matt Hazel

CEO Matt Hazel founded HungBloodies Premium Bloody Mary Mix in 2018 and expanded in 2020 with the official launch of TheHungCompany’s HungBeverages and HungEats.

Matt began his hospitality career in 2003 in Hilton Head, SC at some of their top local establishments. He first got into the beverage game 10 years ago as the On-Premise Brand Manager for the Red Bull South Florida market for Breakthru Beverage. After watching other brands launch, some with success but many without, he felt confident in his knowledge of the market to begin experimenting.  After years of brunching with his friends on weekends and always craving a good Bloody Mary, it became clear where his next adventure should begin.   The zesty flavor profile Matt was looking for was few and far between, so he began creating his own recipes and decided to pursue the creation of HungBloodies Bloody Mary Mix. Made with real, fresh ingredients, HungBloodies stood apart from other mixes due to its character and craftsmanship.

Then came the pandemic.

Due to Covid-19, it became clear to Matt that the way beverages were served and consumed was changing. Bartenders were no longer able to make cocktails the way they used to, and everything was premade or premixed to avoid touching other people’s food and drink. The method of making drinks by using pre-mixed beverages to minimizes bartenders’ touchpoints for multiple ingredient recipes, dubbed “contactless cocktails” was trending. And HungBloodies was there to fill the need for a mix with quality and flavor, that’s more than just tomato juice and lives up to the standard of a freshly mixed Bloody Mary cocktail. Between contactless cocktails and people spending more time at home, the demand for delicious food and beverages that can be enjoyed at home without having to go out, order out or be prepared in the kitchen was increasing exponentially. He decided HungBloodies was only the beginning, and thus TheHungCompany was born.